My name is Matt McAlexander, a Creative Director with over 10+ years of experience in both corporate and agency settings. I design, code, film, build, illustrate, market, lead, and bring teams together. I'd love to help you next.


My core specialties are websites, design, motion, and illustration, but I also provide a suite of other creative services. If you have a different type of project, feel free to send me an inquiry.


I design and build websites from the ground up. Every good business needs a digital store front.

A few services provided:
  • Site Branding
  • Custom design
  • WordPress integration
  • On-site SEO
  • Lead generation implementation
  • Responsive Design implementation


With years of experience working for major brands–design is my bread and butter.

A few services provided:
  • Logo Creation
  • Brand Creation
  • Brand Refresh
  • Campaign Creation
  • Apparel Design


Need to make something move? Animate an infographic? Shoot a video? I've got you covered.

A few services provided:
  • Video Editing
  • Event Filming
  • Animated Cartoons
  • Video Branding
  • Drone Footage
  • Video Interviews


I've been illustrating since I had my first set of crayons. Illustration is my passion.

A few services provided:
  • Custom Cards
  • Storyboards
  • Book Illustration
  • Portraits & Custom Artwork
  • Campaign Concepts


I've had the opportunity to work with some pretty cool brands throughout my career–here are just a few I've touched.

Featured Work


Don't just take my word for it–here's what my colleagues, peers, mentors and clients have had to say...

Matt is a brilliant creative director and an influential team leader.
–Ashley Gibson
Sr. Director Global Marketing: Brands, Programs and Athlete Development (Running & Triathlon)
I enjoyed working on projects with Matt and was always pleased with the process of creating under his direction.
–Malain McCormick
Event Management and Marketing Professional
Matt helped us save thousands of hours of effort while improving our workflow.
–Ben Bloom
Research Director, Marketing Technology and Emerging Trends, Gartner for Marketing Leaders
What impressed me most about Matt was his ability to create a fun, dynamic team culture. He gets the best not only out of himself—but everyone around him as well.
–Jessica Sebor
Vice President, Media at Competitor Group, Inc.
I learned a lot under his direction, as the Creative Director, and he will continue to inspire me to be the best I can be.
–Bridget Durkin
Associate Creative Director
He has an infectious personality that makes you want to put in as much work as he does.
–Dan Schlesinger
Finance Manager, USA at Swisse Wellness
Matt is the epitome of a highly capable, hard working creative.
–Edrick Clark
Senior Full Stack Developer at LeaseLabs
Real accountability and execution are hard to come by in this industry. Matt exemplifies these traits with a smile on his face and Starbucks in his cup.
–James Longhini
Creator and Leader
I highly recommend Matt to work on any projects and/or employment initiatives because he will deliver great results that will impact the bottom line with great returns on investments!
–Roger Harmer
HR Generalist at Indyme Solutions
From his humble start all the way to becoming the leader of the most creative team I’ve had the honor to have worked with. He pushes the boundaries. He makes you think about how to make things even better.
–Greg Aujero
Junior Network Administrator at Competitor Group, Inc.
Though our work place was very fast paced with heavy deadlines, Matt was a tremendous support system for his team and other departments to ensure all major projects and expectations were met.
–Madora Mak
Special Events Manager at STAR/PAL
He not only helped change the culture of the company but took the lead of a dysfunctional department and turned it into a functional one by proving our value and worth to upper management.
–Bryan Montgomery
Graphic Designer
He has a gift for taking limited information from clients and creating several options to meet their needs.
–Sadeq Zabihi
Engineering & Operations at Sony PlayStation
Matt has been nothing, but a mentor to me as he is dedicated to his craft and truly inspired myself and others to strive more from not only oneself, but the team he leads.
–Nestor Pecache
Production Artist/Designer at 1Point21 Interactive
I must emphasize Matt’s incredibly fun personality which contributed to a positive environment. Let’s just say, Matt doesn’t disappoint.
–Nichole Loyd Janlov
Academic Personnel/Human Resources Assistant at University of California, San Diego
He has a creative mind that shines in his work as a designer, and his sense of humor brings some added flavor to many of his projects.
–Caitlyn Pilkington
Senior Editor at Sharecare, Inc.
He understands the importance of brand identity/equity and collaboration within departments. I have no doubt that he will add value to any place he goes to.
–Juvanie Maximo
Project Manager, Creative and Marketing Services
Matt asked great “big picture” questions that both helped keep the team on track and push for the greatest possible result.
–Kevin LaRue
Marketing Manager
A creative mind, he was constantly pushing our company in the right direction and looking for cutting edge ways to improve.
–Matt Vevoda
Email Marketing Associate at WineAccess

Skills & Tools

If you’re looking for ransom, I can tell you I don’t have money but what I do have are a very particular set of skills.

Design Skills

Typography / 75%

Innovation / 90%

Branding / 80%

Creative Direction / 92%

Illustration / 78%

Development Skills

PHP / 75%

Javascript / 65%

HTML 5 / 95%

CSS / 100%

SQL / 60%

Design Tools

After Effects / 95%

Illustrator / 100%

Photoshop / 100%

Premiere / 90%

Pen & Paper / 87%

Development Tools

WordPress / 90%

Bootstrap / 95%

Sublime / 92%

Sketch / 70%

MAMP / 100%

Favorite WordPress Plugins

Advanced Custom Fields / 100%

Custom Post Type UI / 100%

MailChimp for WP / 70%

MonsterInsights / 90%

Yoast SEO / 85%

Human Skills

Magic / 75%

Sword Skills / 64%

Karate / 84%

Alchemy / 43%

Ribbon Dancing / 24%


Some musings on design, work, culture, leadership, and creativity. All views are my own.

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